PSA Getting Started - Checks: How to set up the check layout and how to print a test check

How to set up the check layout and how to print a test check

This Help Article will show you how to modify the ParishSOFT Accounting Check Layout format to work with your check stock and printer.  It will also show you how to print a test check. If your layout recently stopped printing correctly, review this help article first    Why has my check layout changed?.  review your printer settings. The printer settings should have been set up to print actual size. If it was set up to use actual size and the printer setup is using something other than the actual size setting the checks will not print correctly. 

Before you begin

To print a check, you must first ensure your software is set up properly to print checks. You also must have an Account Code set up as a Bank Account

Take a screenshot of your settings if they are anything other than zero. 

How to change the check layout for each bank account

Click Setup → Check Layout.
Note: If you want to change the check layout for your payroll checks, go to the Payroll module and click on the Setup option then choose the Payroll Check Layout option.
  • If you receive this error message when clicking on the option for Check Layout, this is because you have no General Ledger Account Codes which have been designated as Bank Account. To resolve this, mark the Bank Account Box on any account from which you want to print checks.
  • Once in the Setup Check Layout for Bank Accounts screen, make sure to select the correct Bank Account at the top. Each Bank Account's check layout is updated separately, so it is important to select the correct account.
  • Print Test Check: Before making any changes to the format, click the Print Test Check button (at the bottom of the Setup Check Layout Screen) so you have a baseline of where the fields are. You will get a printer dialogue pop-up. Make sure it is set to Actual Size. Also, make sure you are in the correct Bank Account. Formatting must be set up for each Bank Account from which you print checks.

You can change the alignment of each field listed on the screen which has an arrow next to it. used to move the field left or right and  used to move the fields up and down.

  • Every single digit moves the field 1/100th of an inch so to move the field up by 1/2" you would add 50 to the current number. To move it down 1/2" you subtract 50 from the current number. To move it left 1/4" you would subtract 25 from the current number and to move it right by 1/4" you would add 25 to the current number.
  • The arrows only allow you to increment or decrement the number to 50 or to -50, but you may click into the field and enter any number you would like. So, if you need to move it to the right by 3", click into the field and add 300 to the existing number. Note: to activate the field to enter a number, click an arrow next to the field and then click into the field. Foxfire & Chrome users must click in the field with the number, click the arrow, and then back into the field to enter the number.

In addition to moving fields, you may also choose the Page Layout Options including the Check Format, include/exclude the Check Number, and Print Check Payee.

Click on the Save Settings button to save the changes. Click Cancel if you do not want to save the new settings.

Print a test check (on blank paper) by clicking on the Print Test Check button. Hold it against your check stock to see if there are any other adjustments that need to be made.



Print a Test Check

Print a test check (on blank paper) by clicking on the Print Test Check button. Hold it against your check stock to see if there are any other adjustments that need to be made.

Below is the Printer Dialogue pop-up which should be set to print actual size.



If you are getting the above error when trying to update your Check Layout, you must mark the Bank Account Box for any Accounts from which you plan to print checks.


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