PSA L&P - Imports: How to import a deposit

How to import a deposit

There is an import template that you may download and modify using your own data:

Find the link to the template in the import window under Process → Import Processes → Import Deposit.




The import file format is as follows:

  • It must be in a csv file format.
  • The file layout is: 
    A   Shortcut Number (income account to credit)
    B   Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    C   Amount (no $ or commas)**
    D   Comment (optional.)*
    E   Project Code (optional.)
    F   Transaction Number (1, 2, 3, etc. for each deposit date, if only a single date 1 would be entered in each line.)
    G   Bank Shortcut Number (bank account to use. Primary users must use subsidiary bank accounts in one and same primary bank account. Standard users must use the same bank account for all items of a transaction.)

I've fixed everything, and it's still not importing

  • Look for odd characters such as apostrophes in names.  Excel reads anything with an apostrophe as a text field.
  • You can always try downloading a "fresh" export file, then copy and paste the information from the file you are having trouble importing.  Often, doing this gets rid of format issues that are hard to identify and permits you to import without errors.

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