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PSA L&P - Bank Reconciliation: How to change the date on a credit card reconciliation

How to change the date on a credit card reconciliation

To change the date on a closed credit card reconciliation it will need to be re-opened, deleted, and reentered. Depending on the permissions that your administrator has assigned to your login, you may have the ability to delete your credit card reconciliation or you may need to ask your Church Administrator or diocese to do so for you.

Review the bottom of the credit card reconciliation screen to see what permission you have. Once it's re-opened, you will see different options at the bottom.

Support is not authorized to reopen credit card reconciliations when you are part of a diocese. You must go through the channels outlined above if your login does not provide this option.

Please note: When you delete the current credit card reconciliation, none of your charges or transactions will be deleted, even if you entered them after starting the credit card reconciliation. You will have to re-enter the interest income and credit card charges in the new reconciliation though. 




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