PSA L&P - Accounts: How to archive an account when it's tied to a vendor distribution

How to archive an account when it's tied to a vendor distribution

When attempting to archive an account, you may have received the following message:

Since the message lists the vendor name right in the text, you already know which vendor you must edit. All of the vendors with this distribution will be listed in this message.

If you would like to be able to find the vendors that use this distribution in a report, you may do so as follows: Run the Vendor Detailed List in Reports, Vendors. Mark the option to Print Expense Distribution. Choose the View PDF option which will allow you to search the entire report for the account you would like to archive.

When the PDF displays on your screen, use the CTRL-F (search or find) function to search for the account you want to archive. Type in the actual account number, not the shortcut and find each instance of the account (using the next button on the find function until you've gone to the end of the report.

As you find each vendor which has this distribution account, go to the Account Distribution screen for that vendor and clear out the account and the amount.

To clear the account, click into the Account field and then click the x to the right, then click the backspace key. Next, click into the amount field and click the x. Submit the record.

Now you may go and archive the account.


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