PSA Payroll - Setup: How to deduct more than one local tax for an employee

How to deduct more than one local tax for an employee

When you need to deduct more than one Local Tax for employee(s) you will need to take two steps:


To set up the local tax so that it reports as 'Other'

  1. Payroll (Tab)
  2. Setup (Icon)
  3. Deductions/Benefit List (link)


  1. Add a New Deduction/Benefit From Template


  1. Choose the Template that most closely resembles the local tax (Click Select)


  1. Edit the deduction


  1. Enter the description, Review and update information to fit the Local Tax.
  2. Submit


Update Account Distributions

  1. Payroll (Tab)
  2. Setup (Icon)
  3. Account Distributions (Link)
  1. Use Quick Find to locate the gross pay account
  2. Add the liability account for the new local tax 
  3. Submit repeat for each gross pay account 

    Each payroll gross pay account must be updated even if that group of employees is not required to pay the local tax. If the liability account is not entered for each gross pay account you will receive an error message and will not be able to process your payroll. 


Update Employee Information Deductions/Benefits page 

  1. On the employee Ded/Ben screen, add the local tax for employees that are affected.
  2. Enter the amount or percentage of the deduction. 

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