PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to link a spouse to a marriage record

How to link a spouse to a marriage record 

  1. Go to the marriage record and click Edit Details.
  2. Click the head icon next to the "Spouse:" field. There will only be one head icon if no spouse is yet assigned.
  3. Select the spouse from the list of members and click Accept.
  4. You will be taken back to the person's record and the spouse's name will be listed under Spouse. Click Save.



How to pull up the marriage record

  1. In Family Directory, Sacraments, select Add/Edit Sacrament.
  2. Under Sacrament, select Marriage. 
  3. Enter the information of the person for whom you want to link the spouse and click Search. 
  4. Select the Edit/View  icon for the person.
  5. Select Edit Details at the bottom of the record.



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