PSA L&P - Checks: How to change the date of a check

How to change the date of a check

Whether or not you may change the date of a check depends on several things:

  1. Has a check number already been assigned to the check? (This happens when the check PDF is created even if it has not been printed, or when a check number is assigned through the bill.)
    • If a check number has not been assigned, to learn how to change the check date, click here.
    • If a check number has been assignedcontinue reading
  2. If the check PDF was created but not printed or if the check is an EFT that you assigned with an incorrect date ...
    • If you have a delete button, you may delete the check then...
      • If an EFT, after deleting go back to bills and assign the check-number, using the correct date this time.
      • If it was a check PDF, after deleting you may start over with creating that check as if for the first time.
    • If you do not have the delete button, continue reading. Note: the delete button option is a function of several factors such as permissions, accounting period, and reconciliation status.
  3. If the check does not meet the above criteria, the wise solution is: 
    • If it's an EFTVoid the 'EFT check and re-assign the check number adding an alpha character to the end since you cannot use the same check number twice. 
    • If it's a check
      1. If you have already sent the check to the payee, even though the check date is incorrect, you will want to leave the check date alone as that is the date that is printed on your check.
        • To fix the general ledger account so the accounts are updated on the correct date, you may create two journal entries: one that reverses the check on the wrong date and another that re-enters the transaction on the correct date. You may do all at once by using the reversing journal entry option.
      2. If the check has not yet been sent out, you may void the check and re-print it with the correct date. 




If you have not yet created the check....

The date can be changed prior to check numbers being assigned. Simply click into the Check Date field and change it. 




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