PSA Payroll - Setup: How to set up, record, and report overtime pay

How to set up, record, and report overtime pay 


Step 1 - Create an overtime Pay Item in Payroll → Setup → Pay Item → New


Step 2 - Enter Account Distributions for the Gross Pay Account affiliated with the new Pay Item in Payroll → Setup → Account Distributions → Find (Overtime)



Step 3: Enter the overtime Pay Item in the employee's record: (find employee) → Pay Data Tab: Note- leave Hours / Units blank. You may add a rate here if you wish. Then, you may add the overtime hours worked on the Employee's time card during the Payroll Processing step.


Step 4: In Payroll → Process enter the Overtime in the Edit Time Cards screen and continue to process the payroll. If the rate was left blank in the Employee's record, you must add the hours and the Overtime Rate here.


Step 5: You can print a report in Reports →> Paycycle → Current Earnings:



In the Configure Reports screen, you can select the payroll dates you need.  This is an example of the report.

(You can export the file to Excel if you want to manipulate the data.)


To export to Excel, preview the report, choose file type csv and save the file. export_to_csv.png

Open the file with Excel, and you can sort by Overtime.



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