PSFS Family Directory - Member List: How to merge duplicate member records

How to merge duplicate member records

The following caveats must be in place to use this feature:

  • This article is specifically written to show how to merge duplicate member records. See the following article to learn how to merge duplicate family records.
  • First, if you are under a diocese who uses the ParishSOFT Diocesan Suite, the diocese must turn this feature on for your church. Otherwise, that permission is turned off by default.
  • In addition to that permission, each church administrator must give this permission to the staff responsible for merging duplicate records (Administration -> Manage Staff)
  • Also, both families must be owned (registered) to the parish or the diocese will need to do the merge.


  1. Gather the Member information and identify the duplicates: Family Directory → Member List
  2.  Note the Member DUIDs and identify which one is going to be the Master Member DUID. See below:
  3. Go to the Merge page under the Administration Tab.
  4. Select Merge Type: Members and enter the Member DUIDs. Verify that the Members are correct and click on Submit to Queue:
  5. Click OK when you receive the following message:
  6. Go to the Merge Queue option to see the pending Merge records, see image below:
  7. These records will be merged overnight. 




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