PSA L&P - Bills: How to find out if a bill has been paid

How to find out if a bill has been paid

There are multiple ways that you can search to see if a bill was paid:


Bills Screen

Go to Bills → Find Bill  

Use the search criteria to narrow your search. Note: Items entered in search criteria (account, vendor, fiscal year, date span) will limit the results of the search.

  • The bills that fall within the search criteria will display at the bottom of the screen as shown above.
  • If the bill is unpaid you will see the word unpaid in the last column.
  • If the Unpaid column is null, you must go deeper to find out the exact status of the bill
    • In the example above, bill 87 no longer shows an Unpaid status.
    • Clicking Go will take you into the bill. In this case, it shows that the checks associated with the bill were voided (see screenshot below). When the check was voided the bill was also voided.
      For information on making a copy of the original bill when voiding a check, click here.



Checks Screen

Go to Checks → Find Check

Use the filters to begin your search. If you filter by vendor you can drill down into the check and then bill. Obviously, if a check has been written for the bill, it has been paid. However, drilling down will show additional information such as Check Memos, Bill Comments, Projects, and if the check has been voided.findifbillsbeenpaidthrucheckscreen.jpg




Vendor Audit Report

Go to Reports → Vendor → Vendor Audit

The vendor audit report will show you if a bill has been paid or not, but it will not show voided checks. 



Aging Report

Go to Reports → Transactions → A/P Aging Detail By Period 

An A/P Aging Detail By Period Report will show you open bills or unpaid bills.




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