PSA L&P - Reports: How to search transactions for a specific comment using CTRL F

How to search transactions for a specific comment using CTRL F

When you run a report and choose the view PDF, it is possible to use Ctrl-F to find a text on the report.

How it works

When you hold down the Ctrl key and the F key, a search box opens. The search box may look different depending on the browser you use. Below are examples of two search boxes. 


In the search field, type the text you hope to find in your report. The entry must match exactly what is in the document, except it is not case sensitive. When the results are displayed, use previous/next buttons (^/v) or (<   >) to move to the next or previous item found in the search. 

Note: The entry of 15000 would not locate 15,000 in the document and the entry of 15,000 would not locate 15000. The comma "," is important to the results. 


Below is an example of a Check Register report where the option View PDF has been selected. Once the report displayed to the screen, Ctrl-F was used to start a search on the text of the report. The word inv was entered into the search field (because that was the word in the comment we wanted to find) and each instance of the word inv is highlighted in the document. To find the next occurrence, the next button is selected. 

Using Ctrl-F in Edge

Using Ctrl-F in Internet Explorer 


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