PSFS Family Directory - Member List: How to send birthday emails

How to send birthday emails


  1. Go to Family Directory
  2. Click Member list
  3. Select the Filter Icon (the gray funnel)
  4. Click Advanced Options
  5. Select Member Status Active (this will avoid getting deceased members)
  6. Select with E-mail
  7. Select the Birth Month 
  8. Click Apply
  9. Choose the send email icon (envelope with pencil) to send email to selected people. 
  10. Select the link for Load from Grid
    • Which will load the filtered members as shown below
    • Click on the type of email to send (Web-Based or Outlook)
    • Click on BCC
      • This will enter the emails as a blind copy to all recipients. 
    • Compose your email or paste a saved message into the email field. 
    • Here's an example of the web-based email. Outlook will simply open your outlook application.

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