PSA L&P - Entity: How to merge Entities or change the account to a new entity

How to merge Entities or change the account to the new entity

While there is no utility to merge entities, you can identify and edit the accounts which use the entity you want to merge and change them to another entity. Although you are editing the account, you will not lose the transactions associated with the account. They will automatically be assigned to the account with the new entity.

Note: This option is only available to those who have permissions to do so. If you do not have permissions, you must contact your Account Administrator or managing organization.

It's easy to "merge":

  1. Go to Accounts.
  2. Use Quick Find and pull up the account.
  3. Use the drop-down to edit the entity, changing it to the updated entity.
  4. Click Submit.

NOTE: Moving an account to a different Entity may throw both Entities out of balance.  If there is a current balance or there is history in that account those amounts will now appear under the new Entity.  Printing reports for current or prior dates will change balances for the Entities during the time frame for which the accounts had balances.

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