PSFS Administration - Lookups: How to add a new record to a Family Directory Lookup Table

How to add a new record to the Family Directory Lookup Table

  1. Go to Administration → Lookups
  2. Click  Lookups to display the Lookup Management page.

  3. In the Tables panel in the Family Directory group, select the table to which you want to add a record. You would select "Family Group."

    For example, selecting Language displays the Language table, as shown below:
  4.    To add a new record to the table, complete the following:
    •    In the toolbar, click   to open the Add Record window.
    •    In the Description field, type the name of the new record.
            For example:     
    • Click Save. The record is added to the selected lookup table. In the Family Directory module, the corresponding option is added to the associated dropdown lists, as shown in the illustration below:


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