PSA L&P - Checks: Only some of my checks printed because the printer jammed

Only some of my checks printed because the printer jammed

When only some checks printed because of a paper jam, the following steps will walk you through first telling the software which checks printed correctly and then printing the rest of the checks.

Answer the prompt, Did checks print OK? with I didn't print any checks and submit. If you already answered this prompt and said the checks printed correctly, you must void all checks that didn't actually print making a copy of the bill and printing the checks. You may still use the check stock but will need to add an alpha character to the check number.


All of the checks will display to your screen. Un-mark all the checks that did not print or any that were damaged. Review the ones that did print to ensure the check number listed on the screen for that vendor matches the check number and vendor on the actual check that printed. Make sure all of the checks which printed are marked and click the Print Selected button.

A PDF file of those checks you already printed will pop-up on the screen. Feel free to review the PDF checks with the checks you actually printed to ensure they have the same check number/vendor name combination. If everything is in order, close the PDF. Now, at the prompt, Did the checks print OK? mark Yes, I clicked the Print icon and Check(s) printed correctly. Click Submit.


Now the Print Checks screen will have listed all of the checks that did not print yet. Mark all of the ones you want to print. If there was a check which was damaged in the printer jam, you will want to click into the Number column and change the check number to the next sequential number. This is shown below.

In the demonstration below, check 1076 was damaged in the printer jam. Clicking into this field, clicking the x, then entering the first available check number resequences the checks numbers.

Once the damaged check number has been skipped, print the rest of the checks as you normally would. After printing your checks, do not mark that they all printed successfully until you have verified all the Check Numbers/Vendors on the list match the numbers on the checks.

Finally, if a check was damaged, you must spoil the damaged check.

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