PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to split names in a family list CSV export

How to split names in a family list CSV export

  1. Go to the Family List in the Family Directory module.
  2. Filter for your Registered Active families.
  3. Export the list to a CSV format.
  4. Save the file then open it in Excel.
  5. Once in Excel select the column to the RIGHT of the Family Name column.
  6. Right click and choose insert. This should insert a blank column to the right of the Family names (if there are names separated with more than one comma, inserting 2 or more blank columns will be necessary).
    Text To Column GIF
  7. Next highlight the Family names column and go to the Data tab.
  8. Select Text to Columns.
    Text To Column GIF
  9. When the Convert Text to Columns Wizard appears there will be 3 Steps. 
  10. On Step 1 ensure Delimited is selected.
  11. On Step 2 uncheck the Tab checkbox and select the Comma checkbox.Click Finish.
  12. This will skip the unnecessary Step 3 and separate the names field into two columns one each for wherever there was a comma for the split.
    Text To Column GIF
  13. Delete any unnecessary columns and Save the file.

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