PSA L&P - Bank Reconciliation: How to find transactions not showing on bank reconciliation

How to find transactions not showing on your bank reconciliation

Keep in mind, that transactions that are dated after the Bank Reconciliation Statement date will not display. If the statement date is correct and the transaction must be included, you must change the transaction date to reflect when the transaction actually took place.

Start in Ledger & Payables → Checks/Deposits/Journal Entry → Find Transaction

  • Depending on what search is being used, the check number, deposit number, or journal entry number will be the transaction number. See a screenshot of each below. You may need to search using different criteria.

For example, if you are searching for check number 123 but the check number was (inadvertently) entered as 11123 you will not find the check using the transaction number. Remove the transaction number and try locating the transaction using other criteria such as the vendor, transaction date, and transaction amount....

Verify the transaction exists, the transaction date is correct, the bank account is correct, and the transaction number is correct. If the transaction was voided, verify the void date is in the statement period.

Note: Line items on bills and deposits do not appear on a bank reconciliation. Journal Entries will only show the bank account line item on the bank reconciliation. 

Check → Find Check

Deposit → Find Deposit

Journal Entry → Find Journal Entry






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