PSA L&P - Checks: How to find a check

How to find a check

Start by going to Ledger and PayablesPayments. Then, click the Find Check link.

The check search screen has options that will limit your search. Filling in information in any of the fields will affect the results of the search.

If you know the check number, enter it in the Transaction Number field and click Search. 1 In this case, it is best not to select specific values for these fields: Account, Vendor, and Fiscal Year.2-4 Also, the Transaction Dates5 and the Transaction Amounts6 should be left blank. For example, if you enter a check number and an account and the check was not written from that checking account, you will not get any results because both values must be true for the check to display.

If you do not know the check number, but you have an idea of the vendor and the date frame, fill in the fields with this information, leaving the rest blank. This will narrow down your search.

Note: PAYROLL Checks CAN'T be found from the Ledger and Payables Check Search window, but instead, they may be found in Payroll → Payroll Process, or in each Employee's record.



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