PSA Reports - Hyperlinks: How to remove hyperlinks from an excel worksheet

How to remove hyperlinks from an excel spreadsheet

If you want to remove the hyperlinks, but leave the text, then press ALT+F11 to open the VB editor and paste or type the following into the Immediate Window (if you don't see it, press CTRL+G)... then press Enter.  Close the VB Editor Window and you will no longer have hyperlinks.


For versions of Excel beyond 2007:

If the hyperlinks are in the same worksheet, you can use the Remove Hyperlinks function to remove them.

1. Select the range containing hyperlinks you want to remove.

2. And then right-click, on the context menu, click Remove Hyperlinks, see screenshot:

3. And all the selected hyperlinks are deleted at once.


  • This method is not available for Excel 2007.
  •  If you have to remove hyperlinks in different worksheets, repeat the operations again. 


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