PSA L&P - Accounts: How to change an account shortcut

How to change an account shortcut

Go into Ledgers & Payables → Accounts → Find the account

If the shortcut field is active, you can click into the field and enter the new shortcut number, then click Submit.

  • You can tell if it's active because when you click into the field, the background of the field will turn yellow and you will be allowed to overwrite the contents in the field.
    • See the field for Shortcut in the screenshot below.
  • If the shortcut field is inactive (is shaded), If the delete button is present at the bottom of the page, you may delete and re-add the account with the correct shortcut. Otherwise, contact the church administrator or diocese for assistance. 
    • Note, all of the fields below Entity are shaded in the screenshot below.
      Note: If the account has never been used you will see the option to delete the account. After deleting the account you can reenter it with the shortcut you want to use. If it has been used you will not have the option to delete it. 



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