PSA L&P - Dashboard: Bank or AP Balance 'incorrect'

Bank or AP Balance 'incorrect'

The Dashboard Balance shows one balance where my Account Balance Report, when run through Reports, using either This Month or Custom Date Range through the last day of the month, shows a different balance.


This is the June 29, 2017 Dashboard Balance

This is the Account Balance Report using This Month as the Date Range option where the Current Accounting Month is June 2017.

***** This shows just the top of the report and the bottom line ******

This example shows a June 29, 2017 Dashboard Balance of $122,404.48 and an Account Balance Report Balance of $123,377.86 for Account 1030.01P using This Month or Custom Date Range 06/01/2017 - 06/30/2017.

Explanation: The Dashboard Account Balances will only show the Account Balance through today's date. Any Post-Dated Transaction Entries will not be included in the Dashboard Account Balance.

If you click on the balance hyperlink it will show you an Account Balance Report with Custom Date Range of the first of the Current Accounting Month to today's date and not necessarily through the last date of the month. 




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