PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to update member roles and salutations

How to update member roles and salutations 

This article will cover how to edit the salutations for a family after changes to the members within the family have been entered. It will also show how to edit a member role.

Some examples of the changes that could warrant this are a marriage, a name change, the death of a spouse, or a separation of two spouses.

Member Roles

After you have made the necessary changes to the member records you will need to verify that your member roles are assigned correctly. When you are using the AutoFill option for family salutations it looks to Member Role.

  • If one member is marked as Head it will only pull from that member's (the Head's) information. This would be the case for a member who is a single head-of-household.
  • If a spouse has passed, the remaining spouse should be designated the role of Head.
  • If you have two married members they need to be designated as Husband and Wife in order to correctly populate the Salutations.


Family Details

  1. After verifying your member's information, go into the family details and after choosing the option for "edit details" select AutoFill next to the salutations. 

  2. Then confirm that you want to make the changes by selecting okay in the pop-up window.

  3. Then Save your changes.

    Your family's salutations are now adjusted to match the current head of household/spouses' member information.



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