PSA L&P - Accounting Period: How to increment the current accounting period (or close the month)

How to increment the current accounting period (or close the month)

New to ParishSOFT Accounting:

  • When you are new to ParishSOFT Accounting and the current period was set back to a period long before the transactions you are currently entering and reconciling you will simply need to close the period(s).
  • Note, the reason for the period being set so early is in case you needed to add historical records.

Not new to ParishSOFT Accounting:


Close the Period

  • To increment to the next Month, simply go into Process, End of Month. You will see the current month. When you click Submit, this will increment to the next month.
  • When you are in the last period of the fiscal year, you will not close that month but instead, select the option to close the year.


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