PSA L&P - Accounts: How to set up entity level restrictions

How to set up entity level restrictions/permissions in the software

Depending on the needs and account structure of your organization, you may need to set up either Level 1 or Level 2 entity restrictions. To make this determination, see the following articles:

Entity Level Permissions

Talk to your diocese administrator if you need Entity Level Permissions turned on. This is automatically turned on for any organization which is not under the management of a diocese in the software. Until this option has been turned on, the Entity Level Restrictions option will not be available to mark and the User Permissions option will have no effect. This option only needs to be marked once. Before contacting your diocese, follow the instructions to see if the option to turn on Entity Level Restrictions is available (next step). If so, Entity Level Permissions is already turned on.

Entity Level Restrictions 

The Church Administrator or the Diocese Administrator turns on Entity Level Restrictions through Church Manager → Options → scroll down and mark Entity Level Restrictions. This option only needs to be marked once.

  • Marking this option procures Level 2, the highest level of restriction.
  • Leaving this option unmarked procures Level 1, a moderate level of restriction (Often desired when you have only one bank account but multiple entities).


User Permissions
The Church Administrator or the Diocese Administrator updates each User Permissions setting through Church Manager → Permissions → pull up the user through Quick Find → scroll down to Entity Level Permissions → mark each entity the user should be able to access with read/write privileges. This must be done for each user. 

  • By default, all entities are marked.
  • Entities are available to mark on this page even if Entity Level Restrictions has not been markedAccess will not be restricted to the unmarked entities unless Entity Level Restrictions has been marked even when the User Permissions → Entity Level Permissions entities are marked.Entity_Level_Restrictions.jpg
    If you have assigned Entity Level Restrictions to Church users but they can still see bank accounts or all accounts in entry windows or transaction lines, it is possible that the Entity Level Restrictions have not been enabled.  






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