PSFS Administration - Bookmark: How to update your browser bookmark for the new ParishSOFT web address (URL)

How to update your browser bookmark for the new ParishSOFT web address

To bookmark your new Family Suite web address, you must go to the new web site and then add it as a bookmark

There are two ways you may get to the new website: enter the new web address in the address bar. Once you are on the site with the updated web address, follow the instructions below for your browser to learn how to bookmark the page.

Select the link for the browser you use to access the ParishSOFT Family Suite.

   Google Chrome

   Microsoft Edge

  Microsoft Internet Explorer

   Mozilla Firefox



How to enter the web address

The address bar is at the top of your browser window. The screenshot below shows an example of the web address for the Google search engine in the address bar.


Your new web address will be formatted starting with part of your diocese name and ending with the words, ""  In the examples given in this article, the word dio will be used to represent the diocese to which your parish belongs. For more information on your new web address, see the Help Article, Change of URL's for Family Suite.

Type your family suite website into the address bar and press the enter key on your keyboard. This should take you to your ParishSOFT Family Suite login screen. If you see the ParishSOFT Logo in the upper left corner (see above image), you are at the new site.


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