PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to collect updated census information (one method)

How to collect updated census information

This article walks you through one method of updating census information. The steps involve collecting, updating, and tracking those families who need updating. 


Create a family workgroup named to represent what you are tracking. For example, "Update Project."


  1. Print up blank registration forms. See How to create registration forms
  2. Create mailing labels for all your registered families. See How to create mailing labels for all registered families
  3. Send all your registered families the blank form.
  4. Once they've returned the updated form, update their information in the Family Directory
  5. If you own the IQ module,
  6. If you do not own the IQ module,
    • Start by adding everyone on your list to the Family Workgroup; then as each one returns their form and their record is updated, remove them from the workgroup. You may report on all families still in the workgroup to determine who has not yet returned their form.
  7. Once all your registered families are in the workgroup, you will know your records are up-to-date.


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