PSFS Family Directory - Mail Merge: How to insert a picture (graphic) in a mail merge template

How to insert a picture (graphic) into a mail merge template

The graphics file must be located on your computer.
  1. Select the Mail Merge Icon from the toolbar menu.  Then select Merge Selected Records (0).
  2. Select the template to which you want to add the image.
  3. Select the Insert menu. (see image below)
  4. Click Inline Picture.
  5. Click the Insert from Computer button.
  6. Use the Browse button to find and select the picture on your computer.
  7. Click OK. The picture will be inserted.
  8. Save the updates to the file.

Additional information on managing graphics:

  • To remove the graphic, select it and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • If you put the graphic in the wrong place, you can easily move it. To do this, first select the graphic. On your keyboard, press CTRL + X (to copy/delete it). Next, click your mouse button where the graphic belongs. Finally, click CTRL+V to insert it.


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