PSA L&P - Checks: How to process a partial payment

How to process a partial payment

On the Create Checks screen click the Edit button to the right of the bill for which you want to make a partial payment.  The Edit button is automatically changed to a Save button and the bill distribution is displayed.

In the Pay Amount column for each distribution line, enter the amount you want to pay and mark the Pay box.

  • If you are on a cash basis accounting system, the expense account in the distribution line gets debited at the time the EFT number is assigned, so if you would like an even distribution across all expense accounts for the same date, you will want to calculate the Pay Amount based the percentage of the payment against the total. If the next payment will fall within the same accounting month, there is no need to bother with percentages.
  • Continue to the "print checks" screen. Verify or change the check number and complete the check process as usual.
    • Note, it is on this screen that you may update the check number if necessary.
    • If you are updating the check number to an EFT or ACH number, make sure to use letters in the check number such as EFT#### or ACH####.  This will ensure your printed check numbers stay in sequence.


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