PSFS MOC - Online Giving: How to enable members to give online through My Own Church

How to enable members to give online through My Own Church

ParishSOFT Family Suite customers use one of two online giving solutions to make online donations to their organization. One is the ParishSOFT legacy giving application and is called Online Giving. Another is ParishSOFT's state of the art giving application called ParishSOFT Giving (formerly ConnectNow Giving). Each of these applications has its own website. If your church is looking for an online giving program, please contact ParishSOFT Giving Sales | 866.930.4774 X6.

The ParishSOFT Family Suite software does not have online giving functionality but can import the record of the transactions which were made through your online giving solution. Whether your members use an online giving solution or simply drop a check in the basket on Sunday morning, ParishSOFT Family Suite is used to record donations. The My Own Giving section gives each member access to review their information including their giving history. 


If your church has set up My Own Church with their ParishSOFT Giving link into the system, Parishioners in MOC can see the link titled "Online Giving" under their "My Offering" Tab. This link will take them to the ParishSOFT Giving site for the church.




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