PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to create mailing labels for all registered families

How to create mailing labels for all registered families

  1. In Family Directory, go to the Family List.
  2. Click the funnel button to open filters.
  3. Choose Registered from Membership Registration Status. In the future, you could choose other filters to get other groups of families.
  4. Click Apply.
  1. Once you have the list, choose Quick Reports (upper right), then Family Mailing Labels.

  1. You will get a window with mailing labels. You may click the printer button to print the labels.

    • A PDF file of your labels will display. Make sure to open the PDF file in Adobe. Otherwise, they might not print correctly. If you do not have the Adobe option, we suggest using the method found in this article to print your labels.
    • Also, print only one page at first, before printing the rest. You could even do this on plain paper and hold it up to your labels so none are wasted. That way, if they are not printing correctly, you won't waste all of your label paper.

 Our labels are formatted for Avery 5160 labels.

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