PSFS Administration - Manage Staff: Permissions your staff needs before posting contributions

Permissions your staff needs before posting contributions

  1. Make sure your staff member has access to the Offering Module and the right to View and at the very least Add/Edit. (To give them access, go to the Administration tabManage Staff → select the staff name)

    If you have some Access Rights for the Offering Module in your Staff Profile, it should look something like this:

    See our article about access rights and what they mean to determine if you want to give your staff rights to delete contributions or close batchesAbout Staff Permissions and Access Rights
  1. If you are using our offering software:
    Offering Page (image below): 
    See these instructions for adding fund permissions in the Offering Software.

Once you've done both of these steps, your staff should be able to post to any of the funds for which you've given them permission.



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