PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to get a list of unassigned envelope numbers

How to get a list of unassigned envelope numbers

Also described as, "How to create and print a list of "available envelope numbers."

While a list of unassigned envelope numbers is not available in the Family Suite, there is a way to get the information for which you are looking.

  • You can search the Family list and use the "Envelope Number" column to sort the Envelope Numbers to see which ones are not assigned.
    • The simplest way to see the unused numbers from here is to eyeball the list.
    • For advanced excel users, there is another way to get this list. Click here for the steps.
  • Also, when you assign an envelope number in Family Suite, and you click the option for "Next" it will assign the next available envelope number starting from the lowest available number. So, if you have assigned envelope numbers 1 - 10 and then 12 - 30, when you assign the next envelope number, 11 will be assigned.

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