PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to add a member to an existing family record

How to add a new member to an existing family record

Also described as, "How to add a spouse or how to add a child to an existing family record"

This article tells you how to add a member to a family that already exists. To create a new family record, go to How to add a family to the Family List.

  1. In the Family Directory click Family List.

  1. If necessary, select the organization.

  2. Select the name of the family to which you are adding a new member. 

  1. Select the Member Details tab.

  2. Select Add to open a new member form.

  3. Complete the main form with the new member's information. For information about the fields on the form, see Field Descriptions for the Member Details Form.  

    1. If you are adding a child member to the family record, the application automatically adds the names of the members assigned the role of Husband and Wife to the Father Name and Mother Name fields in the child's record (General Tab). If necessary, you can remove or change the names inserted by default into these fields.

  1. If desired, complete the information on the GeneralContactSacramentsReligious Ed., and Misc. tabs. If you need instructions for adding the new member's sacrament data, go to, How to add a Sacrament Record.

  2. Once you've completed filling out the form, select one of the options at the bottom of the form which applies to your circumstance: Add (save and view), Add & New (save and new blank member form), Add & Edit (save and view in edit mode), Cancel (does not save changes and goes back into a view of the last record you were on), Close (offers option to save changes and goes back to Family List).



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