PSFS Administration - Manage Staff: How to give a staff member an additional assignment

How to give a staff member an additional assignment

Use this procedure to add a new assignment to an individual who is already on your staff. If you need to add a new member to your staff, go to How to Add a New Staff Member.

  1. Click Manage Staff to display the Staff List page.
  2. Click the staff member's name link to open his or her assignment record.
  3. Select the Assignments tab.

    The tab shows the staff member's current assignments. For example:

  1. Click Edit Details to switch to edit mode.
  2. To add a new assignment, click Add Additional Assignment.

    The Organization Search window opens. The top portion of the window contains fields that enable you to search for the organization you want to assign the staff member to. The bottom portion of the window lists organizations that you can select directly.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • If the organization you want to assign the member to is not in the list, search for it by entering information in one or more of the search fields. Click Search to display a list of organizations matching your search criteria. Select the organization from the list, and then click Accept.
    • If the organization to which you want to assign the member appears in the list, select it. Then, click Accept.

      You return to the Assignments tab. The new assignment appears in the Assignment Details section. If the member has multiple assignments, the Primary Assignment column shows which assignment is the main one.
  1. If you need to change the primary assignment, select the checkbox next to the assignment you want to make the primary one. You are prompted to confirm the change. Click Yes to make the change.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To add another assignment for this staff member, repeat this procedure starting at Step 5.
    • To save the new assignment, click Save & Close.


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