PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to get a list for envelope company

How to get a list for envelope company

This article shows you how to create an envelope report. The report lists only those families or members who match your filter criteria and who indicate that they want to receive contribution envelopes. The report can serve as a mailing list that you can send to the vendor who prints your offering envelopes.

The system does not store historical information regarding what envelope number a family had in the past. When a report prints, it uses the data in the system at the time of report generation. 

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To create an envelope number report for families, click Family List.
    • To create an envelope number report for members, click Member List.
  1. Apply filters to the page narrow down your list to a select group of families or members.

  1. Click Quick Reports → Filtered Envelope Numbers. 

    A list of families or members matching your filter criteria is displayed in the Report Viewer. These individuals have the Send Contrib. Env. option selected on the Family Details tab in their census record.
  1. To print or save the list, see How to Print, View, and Save Reports.
    • The list needs to be saved as a CSV file. They do not accept PDFs.


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