PSFS Administration - Manage Staff: How to create a new staff assignment record

How to create a new staff assignment record

Add new staff

  1. Inside ParishSoft Family Suite, choose the Administration module, then click Manage Staff tab
  2. Select the icon with the plus sign to Add New Staff
  3. The search window opens where users can search organization Staff Lists for existing staff records 

Click the plus sign button to Add New Staff:

4. Use the drop-down list to search for an existing record within All (or a select organization); first searching by the staff member's last name:

  • In the Find Member screen, type in the last name of the person for whom you would like to create a Staff Assignment and click Search.
  • Once the correct member record is listed, click:
    • the radio button to the left of the name
    • then select 'Accept Selected Member'
    • DO NOT click Add New Staff, as this will create a brand new member record
  • You'll get a popup message that reads, "Staff has been added successfully". 
  • Click OK. Then, add the Access Rights and assignments.
  • If the staff does not exist, use the button to Add New Staff instead, then fill in all of the information you have for that Staff. Those fields that are required will have an asterisk. 

Add New Staff

5. Complete all required fields (marked with an asterisk).

6. From the updated Staff List, click the linked staff member's name of the new staff record. Once the linked name is clicked to open the record, the system defaults to the record's Access Rights tab.


Assignments Tab

7. Enter unique staff credentials in the Assignments tab (first tab to the left, under staff-member's name): 

    • a) Click the Assignments tab
    • b) Click Edit Details to complete all required fields (marked with an asterisk)
    • c) Assign a unique Username using a simple format (i.e. First_Lastname)
    • d) Enter the Member Email Address
    • e) Click Save, and select the next tab to specify the staff person's Positions


Positions Tab

8. Under the Positions tab:

    • a) Click Edit Details
    • b) Under Position Details (right-side column), click checkbox(es) to select Primary role/position. 
    • c) To remove 'unknown' drag & drop the top tiles; place the Primary Position above  'unknown'
    • d) Click Save

Access Rights

  • Click on the Access Rights tab. Click Edit Details. Input the Start Date and the End Date if you desire.
  • Check the box that says Primary Assignment.
  • If you want him or her to be able to log in, also check the boxes for Grant Login Privileges and ParishSOFT Family Suite Access.
  • Grant access, viewing, and editing privileges to the various Modules such as Offering and IQ as you see fit.
  • If this person is an Organization Administrator who should have privileges to do everything, check the box next to Organization Admin. Click Save.

  • Notes:  Click on the Notes tab. Input any notes about the staff record that you desire. Click Save & Close.

Important: Staff members must have fund permissions for a fund in order to view the contributions that are posted to that fund. If a staff member generates contributions statements, he or she will NOT see contributions for funds he doesn't have permission to view, and those contributions will NOT print out in the statements. 


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