PSA L&P - Checks: Why has my check layout changed?

Why has my check layout changed?

Also described as, "My Checks are not printing in the format in which they are set up to print"

The first thing we suggest is that you make sure your printer settings are marked for Actual Size.

Verify the bank account 

If your checks are not printing as you expect, verify that the correct bank account is being used. Note: Each checking account is formatted separately. Choose the same checking account when reviewing the corresponding formatting.


There are other changes that may have affected the layout

  • Using a different printer; you may need to update the check layout if your printer changed
  • Using a different browser or a change in browser settings 
    • If the check used to open in Adobe and is now opening as a web page or using a different program for PDF the layout may need to be adjusted. Click here to learn how to set your browser to open in Adobe.
  • The printer settings may have been updated
    • If your layout recently stopped printing correctly, Use file → print to review your printer settings. The printer settings should be set up to print actual size
  • If you are printing from a browser page click more settings and check the scale.

If the correct bank account is being used and the printer settings did not help, review the check layout for the bank account. 





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