PSA L&P - Checks: How to print a memo on a check

How to print a memo on a check

Except for the cases where a default memo is added for a vendor, a memo can only be added to a check during the check printing process. Once you have confirmed that the check has printed (see #4), you cannot add a memo.

Here are the steps to add a memo and/or comment while in the printing process:

  1. After creating the bill, go into the Checks screen and select the account from which you want to print the check. Then, click the Print Checks button.
  2. You are now on the Create Checks screen. This screen shows the bill comment. The bill comment will not print on the check. On the next screen you will add the comment to print on the check.

  3. Click the Create Checks button to get the Print Checks screen where you can add a memo and change the check number if necessary. After making the desired changes, click the Print Selected button to create a check PDF.

  4. The check will print with the memo. Once you print the check and flag it as having printed correctly, you may not update the Memo field.
    If you answer Yes, you will not be able to change the check number nor the memo. If you answer, 'I didn't print any checks,' you will be taken back to the Print Checks screen where you will again be able to update the memo and change the check number.


Vendor File: Add Default General Check Memo

As mentioned at the top of this article, you may add a default general memo for each Vendor. This default memo will automatically be added to the check. You add this in the Vendor's screen.



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