PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to create custom labels with envelope numbers

How to create custom labels with envelope numbers

  1. Filter and sort the Family List so that it displays the families you want in the desired order. If you would like them to be sorted by envelope number, be sure to click on the envelope number column to sort it by that first. The list must display the name, address, and envelope number of the family in order to create labels.
  2. Click the Export to CSV button to download the list.
  3. Download one of the templates attached to this document. One template prints the envelope number above the family name in a separate line. The other prints the envelope number after the family name in the same line.
  4. Run a Word mail merge. Use the downloaded template as your main document and the downloaded CSV file as your data source. This will produce mailing labels that have envelopes on them.

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