How to access Success Labs PATHFinder:

Are you looking to register for our Success Labs Webinar Series within PATHFinder 

This article is to help you access recordings of our Success Lab webinars.  If you already have a PATHFinder login please click HERE to be taken to learn how to find Success Labs in PATHFinder.  If you have not already registered for PATHFinder please click HERE to learn how to sign up. 


Here’s how to do so if you DO have an account:

  1. Sign into PATHFinder by using:
  2. Once signed in let’s go to the left-hand side and select the course library.
  3. From here we will use the search bar to search “Success Labs”
  4. You will see the course pop up and we will click on the course.
  5. You will see an enroll button to sign up for the course.
  6. Keep in mind this will be updated with webinars as they are completed! So, keep checking back for new content!
  7. If you have any questions, contact us at! 

Link to a video walkthrough of signing up as a current user: Video


Here’s how to sign up if you DON'T have an account (New Users): 

  1. Use this link:
  2. Fill out all the info.
  3. Use code SUCCESS.A white rectangular object with a black border

Description automatically generated
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to login.
  5. You MUST complete the PATHFinder Overview course and the Success Labs Overview before you are able to view any of the Success Labs content! You will be registered for the intro course of the Success Labs series within Pathfinder by using code SUCCESS.
  6. If you have any questions, contact us at!


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