PSG Gear Button - Import Data: How to import Donor Profiles, Giving History, and Recurring Gifts into ParishSOFT Giving

How to import Donor Profiles, Giving History, and Recurring Gifts into ParishSOFT Giving

There are four steps to importing data from another giving system into ParishSOFT Giving. 1) Prepare a CSV file for each of the import categories (Donor Profiles, Giving History, and Recurring Gifts). 2) Import the Date. 3) Review the Import. 4) Notify the Donors.

You may only use the Import process one time, so you must import all three files, one for each category, all in the same session. After you have moved forward from the import screen and confirmed the import, you may not go back and import again for any of the categories. 

  1. Once you log into ParishSOFT Giving, click the Gear Icon and then scroll down to find the Import Data Card.
  2. On the Import Data page, click the Let's Get Started button.
  3. The Upload Files page has two different functions. 
    1. You may view the required format for each of the three categories of the file(s) you may upload. For more information on formatting these files, see How your file must be formatted prior to using the ParishSOFT Giving Donor Importer. 
    2. You may upload the file(s) beginning by clicking the Browse button.
  4. After preparing your CSV file and saving it to a folder that is easy to find, click the Browse button, then find and select the correlating file. A successful import will be marked on the import screen. Do this for all three categories before moving to the next page.
  5. Once you have imported all of the files, click the Next button at the bottom of the page to move to the confirmation page.01HFCR5XNHX2TGRZ03N36N27P8.png
  6. The confirmation page allows you to confirm that the number of records you intended to import were indeed imported. 
    1. If the number of records imported matches your expectations for each category, mark both confirmation boxes at the bottom of the page and click Submit. 
  7. Once you submit the acknowledgment/confirmation, the next step is to notify your donors. If you click the eye button, you can see an example of the emails that will be sent to all of the donors that have been imported.
  8. Once you have completed this process, the only active screen will be the notify donor's screen. 
    1. Once you notify the donors, each donor must set up their account. 
    2. After some time has passed, you may go back to the notify donor screen and once again send the email. This time, only those donors who have not yet set up their accounts will get the email.




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