How to view your tickets

How to view your tickets

The Support Center provides a quick way to review your support tickets. After you have signed in, click your name in the top right corner.

You'll see an options menu open directly beneath your name. Click on the My Activities option.

The My Activities area displays. The tickets you've created display below when you select Requests and My requests.

Click on the subject of any ticket to view that ticket.

If you have the correct permissions enabled (by Support) you can view and manage tickets for all the Organizations of which you are a part. (say for example you are on staff at multiple parishes, or you work as a diocesan project coordinator)

Click on Organization Requests, and there is an organization drop-down option that allows you to select which organization you'd like to view tickets for or an "All" option that will show you all tickets for all organizations of which you are a part.





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