How to Reply to or Update Your Existing Tickets

When you need to respond to a support technician or provide additional information, you can use the Support Center to reply directly to your existing tickets. 

After you have opened the ticket within the Support Center (see How to View Your Tickets for details on how to find and open your tickets) scroll down to the bottom of the ticket. You'll see an entry window where you can enter your reply.



Type your reply into the entry window.


To include an attachment with your reply, click the Add file link below the entry window.


A browse window will open for you to find and select your attachment.


After locating and selecting the file, it will upload to the ticket and display at the bottom.


Multiple files can be attached to a ticket, if needed.


When you are finished with the reply to your ticket, click the Submit button at the bottom of the entry window to post your reply.

Alternately, you can reply to the ticket from the emails that you receive when the ticket is created. Your email reply will be added automatically to the ticket. 

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