DFS Family Directory - Reports: Set Name Preferences used in Reports, Labels and Templates


You can designate which mailing name style to use on your reports, labels and templates. ie...

  • Mailing Name
  • Formal Salutations
  • Informal Mailing Name
  • Informal Salutations

 Training Steps:

1 . Click the About menu > ParishSOFT System Info. > Preferences button.


2. Choose the Mailing Name, Formal Salutation, Informal Mailing Name.


3. Click Close to save and exit. 


Reports Affected by Mailing Name Preference Setting

Family Reports Menu

  • Parish Census Roster with Members

Member Reports Menu

  • Birthdays (Labels Family Grouped)
  • Wedding Anniversaries (All Reports)

Family Filtering and Sorting Menu

  • Show Results (Query View)
  • Print Family Address Labels

Other Reports New Families/Members Menu

  • Display New Families List (Query View)
  • Print Registration Forms for New Members
  • Print Labels for New Families

Unregistered Families Menu

  • Display List of Unregistered Families (Query View)

Family Registration Forms

  • Print Populated Registration Forms

Family Workflow Groups

  • Display Workgroup Families List (Query View)
  • Print Workgroup Mailing Labels

Time & Talent Ministries Menu

  • Display Query Labels
  • Mailing Names

Student Directory Reports

  • Display Query
  • Print Class List
  • Class Sacraments List
  • Class Attendance Sheets
  • Registration Students
  • Registration Form All
  • Student Census Directory
  • Address Labels Grouped by Family

Student Lists by Grade

  • Display Query
  • Print Report
  • Registration
  • Labels Family Grouped

Sacramental Prep Menu

  • Display Query
  • Print Report
  • Labels Family Grouped


  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
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