DFS Family Directory - Reports: Set Name Preferences used in Reports, Labels and Templates

How to Set Name Preferences used in Reports, Labels and Templates

You can designate which mailing name style to use on your reports, labels and templates. ie...

  • Mailing Name
  • Formal Salutations
  • Informal Mailing Name
  • Informal Salutations


1 . Click the About menu → ParishSOFT System Info. → Preferences button.


2. Choose the Mailing Name, Formal Salutation, Informal Mailing Name.


3. Click Close to save and exit. 


Reports Affected by Mailing Name Preference Setting

Family Reports Menu

  • Parish Census Roster with Members

Member Reports Menu

  • Birthdays (Labels Family Grouped)
  • Wedding Anniversaries (All Reports)

Family Filtering and Sorting Menu

  • Show Results (Query View)
  • Print Family Address Labels

Other Reports New Families/Members Menu

  • Display New Families List (Query View)
  • Print Registration Forms for New Members
  • Print Labels for New Families

Unregistered Families Menu

  • Display List of Unregistered Families (Query View)

Family Registration Forms

  • Print Populated Registration Forms

Family Workflow Groups

  • Display Workgroup Families List (Query View)
  • Print Workgroup Mailing Labels

Time & Talent Ministries Menu

  • Display Query Labels
  • Mailing Names

Student Directory Reports

  • Display Query
  • Print Class List
  • Class Sacraments List
  • Class Attendance Sheets
  • Registration Students
  • Registration Form All
  • Student Census Directory
  • Address Labels Grouped by Family

Student Lists by Grade

  • Display Query
  • Print Report
  • Registration
  • Labels Family Grouped

Sacramental Prep Menu

  • Display Query
  • Print Report
  • Labels Family Grouped


  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
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