CNFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How do I enter a marriage sacrament from the Member Details


The goal of this document is to show you how customers can correctly enter a marriage sacrament from the Member Details area within the ConnectNow Family Suite 

Training Steps:

1. The marriage record should be entered beginning from only ONE of the two members.  They can start from either spouse by opening that person's Member Details page.  

2. Click the "Sacraments" tab near the middle of the page.  Click "Edit Details". The user will need to enter the basic marriage details to create the sacramental record (completed, date, etc) and click Save.  

3. Once this basic information has been saved, the record will be created, and the user can then enter the rest of the marriage details (spouse, etc).  Click the "Sacraments" tab again, and the user should now be able to click "Details" to the far right of the marriage information already entered:

4. The marriage record will then open in a new tab.  Remember, the marital status entered on this record will automatically update the marital status for both spouses. To enter the spouse, click the little person icon beside the "Spouse" field:

5. This opens a Member Search window where the user can search for and select the correct spouse.  Enter the spouse's last name and select his/her Member Status and click Search.  Once the spouse's name has been found, click the circle beside his/her name and click Accept:

6. The spouse's name will then appear on the marriage record in the spouse field.  The Spouse Details area will also be populated with information from his/her member record.  Lastly, the baptism data, as entered in his/her baptism record, will also be brought in to the marriage record:

7. Once all of the necessary information has been entered for the marriage record, the user should click Save and close the record.  This will return the user to the Sacraments page.  They are welcome to add other sacraments if desired.  If the user would like to return to the Member Details page, close the tab that has the Sacraments page open.  The user should see the following message indicating the page can be refreshed to display changes made to the sacramental record:


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