DFS Family Directory - Troubleshooting: Blank Family Filtering and Sorting Menu in Census Reports


When a customer opens the Family Filtering and Sorting report menu, it displays blank (no drop down menus or check boxes will display. It is totally blank)



When you click on the Family Filtering and Sorting Report Menu, a grey box comes up with nothing on it (no drop-down menus or check-boxes at all, nothing)

This is because the filters are set to a Family/Work Group that has no families in it, often: "Family Workflow Groups".  




When you first open the report from a module, change this family workgroup to [   ] (the blank space at the top which means all family groups).  If this does not work you may try the following:


  1. Give them a new PsReports2000.mdb file

          NOTE: Rename the Old PsReport2000 file Don't Delete it. New Report files can be downloaded from https://filetransfer.parishsoft.com/

    2.  Open ParishSOFT Reports within a module from your computer.

    3.  Go to qryMulitLabels

4.     Click on view and go to SQL View

5.     Copy query

Query text:
SELECT qryParishCensusLabels.* 
FROM qryParishCensusLabels LEFT JOIN MultiLabels ON qryParishCensusLabels.MembershipID = MultiLabels.MembershipID 
WHERE (qryParishCensusLabels.Envelopes = True AND qryParishCensusLabels.envelope_number >0) And qryParishCensusLabels.FamGroup = 'Active' 
ORDER BY qryParishCensusLabels.lastname;

6.      Go back to the customer's computer and Open reports

7.      Go to qryMultiLabels

8.      Click on view and go to SQL view

9.    Delete what is in there

10.     Paste the query that you copied earlier and Click Save

11.     Close query and open Family filtering and sorting and Check to see if it is working and if so Change the Family/Work Group: to Active (or any group with words, other than the group it is currently set to).


"           If so, close out of reports and go back to family filtering and sorting.


The Family Filtering and Sorting should no longer be blank

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