CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How to add custom zip/postal codes

How to add custom zip/postal codes

The goal of this document is to show you how to add a custom zip code into the Family Directory in case a Zip Code is not part of the system or if it is not associated with a specific city or region that a customer is attempting to enter. 

  1. Log in to ConnectNow
  2. Navigate to the Family Directory
  3. Open the record of the family whose zip code needs to be updated
  4. Click edit details
  5. Click the red x next to their zip code to remove the current zip code from their record
  6. Click OK on the window that appears confirming that you will remove the zip code, city, and state from this record.
  7. Type in the zip code that you would like to use and press tab.
  8. A window should appear that allows you to search through zip codes and select a city, state, etc
  9. If there is only one city listed for this zip code, that city and state will be automatically selected
  10. In this situation, repeat steps 4-8 and enter 000000 in the zip code field. This should trigger the window to appear in step 8.
  11. Next enter the relevant information for the edited zip code that you would like to add into the database and click search
  12. Search for the postal code and receive the message that no postal code with this information has been found in the system
  13. Choose Add & Use Postal Code to select this postal code for your family or click Add & Keep Searching to add this custom zip code to the database and continue creating custom zip codes.
  14. Click OK on the message that appears to add the postal code to the system
  15. Click save on the record and the record will be updated with the custom zip code information
  16. If multiple zip codes exist for one address, the city can be changed without deleting the current zip code by clicking edit details and the selecting the dropdown menu for the city.
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