Legacy Offering - Reports: 4 How to generate E-Statements

How to generate E-Statements

Go through the normal process to create contribution statements with four additions:

    1. Select the E-Statement option: In step 4, the Options tab, mark the Electronic Statements option under Delivery Format.
    2. Generate the E-Statements: In step 11, the Givers tab, (again after filling out the rest of the Options tab and the Template tab as usual, and after selecting the Givers and viewing the statements as usual), click the option at the bottom of the Givers page to Generate E-Statements.
      • This button sends the statements to the members' MOC profiles for those who have a MOC account.  
      • A banner will show across the top indicating the report is processing. This may take a while to process.  
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: you can continue working in other modules while this process runs in the background.  Leaving this page or closing the browser will not stop the statements being sent to MOC. See the image at the bottom of this page to learn where to look for the E-Statement Status.
    3. Prepare an email: While you are still in the Giver's screen, (and while the E-Statements are still generating) click the Export Giver Emails button to generate a CSV with families' first/last name and email address.  
      • Copy/paste into an email to notify families that statements are available.
      • After the status changes to Generated, you may send the email out.
    4. Send the email: Once the process is complete, the status (below Category on the left bottom of your screen) will indicate the statements have been generated. You may then send the email that you prepared in step 3.
      • Job Date - the date statements were generated. 
      • Status
          • No Statements Created - statements have not been generated
          • In Process - the report is still sending statements to MOC
          • Generated - statements are available for download in MOC
      • Period - the date range of the statements
      • Funds - only tax-deductible funds will be included
      • Groups - Shows family groups chosen
      • Registration - Shows registration status of families

To see a video of what this process looks like, click here.


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