DFS Family Directory - Statement: How to fix the Body of Statement error 'Run-time error 2105'

How to use the Select/Edit Body of Statement option in ParishSOFT Reports 

Common error messages:

  • “Run-time error 2105: You can’t go to the specified record.”
  • You may get other messages after this one, but you should be able to close out of the window to return to the report options window.
  • “No current record.” May come up if you try to close the Edit Body of Statement window without a record (letter) selected.

Code needed for fix:

INSERT INTO ReportDetail ( Title, Report, [Group], Body, Active ) SELECT [ReportDetail(template)].Title, [ReportDetail(template)].Report, [ReportDetail(template)].Group, [ReportDetail(template)].Body, [ReportDetail(template)].Active FROM [ReportDetail(template)];


Training Steps:

1.) Highlight the above text starting with INSERT and ending with the semi-colon. Then right click on it and chose Copy.

2.) Open ParishSOFT Reports.

3.) From the main reports menu, select Utilities and then select Build Custom Queries.

4.) Right click in the large Query window and select Paste. With the SQL text now pasted in the Query window, click on the Display Query button.

 5.) Answer Yes to run the query and modify data. Then answer Yes to append 5 rows.

6.) Exit from the Custom Query window (there is no need to save the query).    You will now be able to Edit the Body of Statement.



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