CNFS Family Directory - Family List: I can't locate this family by address?


In this article I will answer a questions regarding searching for families in the Family List using different kinds of searches. I will explain the two different modes of search possible in the Family List (Search Bar-fuzzy search and Filter Search). Five images are attached, so this article is good for visually-oriented people. 


Questions and Answers: 

  • What is the best way to search for families in the Family Directory?
  • Where is this family in my Family Directory? I am trying to locate a family by address. 
  • I clicked on the search pick list and clicked address, then searched using the address that I know is their address, but nothing came up and I'm not sure I did it right. What is going on?
  • How do I find a certain family in the Family List? 


There are two different ways to search for families in the family list.


Search Bar - fuzzy search

The first and most obvious way uses the search bar at the top, and the drop down arrow, which brings up a menu in which you can select which fields to include in your search. You'll see these items circled in red below.  


  •  This is a very fuzzy search. Each character string, such as "1424" or "Lee", will be searched for in the first or last name as well as whatever other boxes you check. For instance, if we search for "Lee," checking the box for Address (see below), we'll get every record that includes the letters "lee" in the first name, last name, and address. See second image.







  • If you search for "14300 SE lee ave", you'll get even more results. See below. Each word is searched for in the family name and in the address.


  • This search casts a broad net because it is so fuzzy. We do not recommend using this search when looking for a specific family.


Filter Search - funnel icon

The second way to search is through the Filters - the funnel icon.  In the first image above, you'll see the funnel icon circled in orange. Click it to set your filters.

  • This search is much more exact. We recommend the filters search when searching for a specific family.
  • Below, you'll see the places you need to be aware of in this type of search. 


(Key to image above)


1: Set your Membership filters.

2: Click on Advanced Options to open this section.

3: Type in the address (or whatever).

4: Click Exact Search to make this search even more exact.

5: Click Apply to search.




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